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ICP Carnival Of Carnage Show - August 26th, 2017

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And the seventeenin’ continues to shock and amaze even the longest of longtime Juggalos. Get ready to have your wigs pushed so far back they will rest comfortably on your bitch asses. For the first time ever in ICP’s ongoing 26 year story career, the Wicked Clowns are performing a concert live in their original home turf of Southwest Detroit, directly on West Vernor Avenue to be exact, right across the street from the place name dropped in numerous Clown classics, Clark motherfuckin’ Park. This is the precise stomping grounds of the Insane Clown Posse and this ain't just any show, Ninjas. Since it's the Clowns’ first time playing here they're going to start from the very beginning, with a very special performance of the first Joker’s Card ever. Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope & stepping in for the late great John Kickjazz , John and Shaggy’s younger brother rapper Tre Pound will be performing ICP’s debut album, 1991’s CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE!

This immense celebration of the Dark Carnival’s arrival will not be for the masses to say the least, as this show will be a small venue affair taking place at the popular, 600 person capacity concert venue, The El Club. The show will feature no Faygo, as ICP didn't begin spraying the famous Detroit-made Juggalo juice until 1994. Also on the bill will be two more local acts, yet to be named, who performed in these parts back in the days of the arrival of the first Joker's Card.

And incredibly, this historical concert will also feature as an opening act, a short performance by the gangster rap group whose music planted the very seeds which have wildly overgrown into the jungle that is today’s Juggalo subculture. We could only be talking about Southwest Detroit’s own … Inner City Posse! J, Shaggy, and Tre Pound (again subbing for the late great John Kickjazz) will be paintless as they perform Psychopathic Records’ first ever release, the four song, Dogs Beats maxi single. This celebration will be an all-day affair, for on another stage, every artist on Psychopathic’s current roster will also be rockin’ the mic and there will be JCW wrestling action!
Tickets for this monumental event are $250 and the proceeds are being used to fund a Paul Andreson directed documentary about the life and tragic death of original ICP member John Kickjazz. If tickets sellout, one more show will be added, which will take place the following day but after that ICP will never perform the Carnival of Carnage album in its entirety again (absent from this show will be the guest featured on COC).This event will be hosted by none other than Psychopathic Records day 1'er, The Rude Boy!

Location: EL Club 4114 Vernor Hwy. Detroit MI 48209

To purchase tickets for the show, please carefully note the following:

1. There is a ticket limit of 2 for each order.
3. Photo ID will be required to pickkup your BADGE AT WILL CALL.


To purchase tickets for the show, please carefully note the following:

  1. There is a ticket limit of 2 for each order.

  2. Purchasers will be mailed a personalized badge with the names of the attendees printed on them. If two tickets are ordered, the second ticket must have a full name as well.

  3. Photo ID and the personalized badge will both be required for entrance into the show.

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